Normal Pulse Rate For Men

normal pulse rate for men

The normal pulse rate for men is sometimes referred to as the resting heart rate.  Not all males are the same.  Some grown adult males have a different pulse rate than male children or elderly men.

Best Normal Pulse Rate for Men

In order to achieve the optimum pulse rate a man must keep fit and healthy.  Exercise and proper nutrition cause the pulse rate to be more favorable.  The lower the pulse rate the more fit the individual.  A normal resting heart rate in men should fall in the range of 55 to 70.

Pulse rates can fluctuate due to various factors such as:

  • Age
  • Fitness level
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Genetics

A person who is older may have a higher resting heart rate than a younger more fit male.  Similarly, a man who is obese will have a much higher resting pulse rate than someone who works out regularly and is in shape.  The lower the pulse rate the better off the person is healthfully speaking.

A normal heart rate in men can be achieved by working out on a regular basis, eating a balanced diet and steering clear of cigarettes and alcohol.

Top Factors that Cause High Blood Pressure in Men

High blood pressure can be directly related to a high pulse rate.  Some of the factors that cause high blood pressure include:

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Stress
  • Too much caffeine

A person who does not exercise may also have high blood pressure.  Thankfully a person suffering from high blood pressure can turn it around by tweaking their lifestyle.  Eliminating fatty and high sodium foods is one way to establish a normal blood pressure in men.

Other ways to lower the blood pressure and make it more stable include cardio exercise, quit smoking, avoid alcohol and eliminate stress factors that cause anxiety.

How to Calculate a Normal Pulse Rate in a Male?

It is very easy to calculate a pulse rate.  Simply place two fingers alongside the artery that runs alongside the neck.  Once the pulse is detected begin timing and counting the beats for 15 seconds.  The number of beats that occurred during a 15 second interval should then be multiplied by four to establish the resting pulse rate.

A male who suffers from high blood pressure will have a high pulse rate while low blood pressure in men will indicate a low pulse rate.  It is important to remember that the lower the number the better off the person is physically.

A normal pulse rate for men can be obtained by achieving a healthy lifestyle.  Regular exercise is one of the biggest factors that helps keep the pulse rate low and the heart healthy.

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