Heart Flutters in Women: What Causes These Heart Flutters?

heart flutters in women

Heart flutters in women are becoming more and more common today.  Also referred to as heart palpitations, heart flutters are a rustling or fluttering in the chest area that feels like a very fast heart rate.  Most heart flutters can be attributed to periods of intense exercise, high stress levels, or underlying health or medical conditions.

Top Causes of Heart Flutters in Women

  • Stress

One of the most common causes of heart flutters in women is stress and the exposure to a stressful environment, whether at home or work.  Sudden emotional distress can also cause palpitations in women due to the impact on feelings and emotions.  Stress management classes are helpful in teaching women how to handle their life with various skills and techniques needed to cope with a stressful lifestyle.

  • Change in Hormone Levels

Throughout a woman’s life hormone levels can and will change.  Over a woman’s lifespan these hormone changes can cause heart palpitations.  Women most commonly experience heart flutters during pregnancy, pre and post menopause, and at the time of a monthly menstrual cycle.

  • Medicine

Medicines that contain caffeine or other stimulants are known to cause heart palpitations, especially in women.  It is important to seek medical advice if heart flutters start with the onset of a new drug.

Best Ways to Make Heart Flutters Rest

Since heart flutters can be caused by an increase in activity, such as exercise, they can also be stopped by a decrease in activity.  When heart flutters occur, take the time to sit down and breathe deeply.  Once they have stopped the person may continue with their activity, but slowing it down a little may be in order.

The best ways to make heart flutters rest is to eliminate stress, drink lots of water, breathe deeply and slowly, and take it easy.  If the palpitations continue it may be necessary to see a healthcare physician for an assessment.  In some cases, medication may be prescribed to stabilize the heart flutters so that the patient can maintain a normal life.

Medicinal Heart Flutters Causes

As previously discussed, certain types of medications can cause heart flutters.  According to research, medically prescribed medications for the treatment of asthma or the thyroid can cause these flutters in the heart.  Beta blockers, medications for the treatment of an irregular heartbeat and even some cold and cough over-the-counter meds can impact palpitations and fluttering.

Some medications speed up one’s heart rate and cause it to beat faster.  Due to the increased heart rate, someone who is predisposed to heart flutters can be impacted by the medicine.  An increased heart rate or rapid heartbeat can cause flutters to occur.

Medications that contain stimulants, such as caffeine, can also contribute to heart flutters.  Some medicines prescribed for the treatment of ADD and ADHD have been known to cause heart flutters in patients taking the drugs.

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Andrea July 15, 2011 at 2:19 am

Thank you. Your post really eased my mind about a fairly sudden onset of some flutters. Seeing that the primary cause is often increased stress levels helped me to relax more than anything else I’ve read on the subject thus far. Thank you.

Tina September 25, 2011 at 10:48 am

Hi, could you tell me what could be causing me to get occasional missed heart beats, i am a bit of a worrier, i find it can happen when i am sitting down relaxing when my heart beat is about 50, when it happens i get worried & stressed then i know it makes it worse, i dont touch caffine as it tends to wind me up & i dont sleep at all, my heart never races, i have white coat hypertension & take 4mg Motens, i can go months without this happening, i have had 2 or 3 ECGs that were fine, i am 58 years old, non smoker, i am dieting and so far have lost nearly 4 stone with about 2 stone left to lose, hope you can give me a few tips, many thanks

Sunshine December 30, 2011 at 4:03 pm

I was in the store yesterday to allow myself to be distressed and while looking around found myself having to walk with a bit of desperation because of heart flutters. While researching I came across your site and I thank you for the information provided.

Marilyn February 3, 2012 at 11:39 am

I was told by my physican that my iron was very low and that I was anemia. I was having hear flutters and I was told that it could be due to the fact that my iron was so low and when it comes back to where is should be the flutters would likely leave. I was just wondering if that was normal. I am not having and pains or nausea but every now and then I do feel a flutter. Reading the information above has been helpful because I am 49 yrs old going through the change and I can tell that my body is changing both physical and mentally. I am happy to know that being perimenoupas could be a factor in my feeling tensed.

kay October 24, 2012 at 9:53 pm

Hi Im 29 yrs old, I had my daughter 2 yrs ago. The minute I went in that hospital, had a C section delivery. I went home, laying down one day then here come palpitations, weezing in the chest. Then shortness of breath, pain in the chest. I went to the doctor, they ran tests and told me everything looks fine. They told me I might going through stress and until the very day my symptoms are just gettin worst, and have new symptoms. Does anyone knows the answer to this problem. Let me kno plz. Thanks

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