Cycling Calorie Calculator & Cycling Calorie Chart For Bikers

cycling calorie calculator

A cycling calorie counter is used by recreational cyclers and exercise enthusiasts to compute the number of calories burned when cycling. It is a very useful tool for training and weight loss. It is also known as a bicycling calorie calculator.

Cycling Calorie Calculator: How They Work

As with any exercise calorie calculator, a cycling calculator utilizes a formula to calculate data input by the user. These types of calculators can be built into the bicycle, on a web page, or can even be hand written if the person knows the formula. For example, a spinning calorie calculator is typically built into a fitness spin bike. A mountain biking calorie calculator is also available for use on mountain bikes.

A typical cycling calorie calculator asks for the following data sets:

  • Weight
  • Duration
  • Effort level – Watts

The calculator then computes the data and will give you a report telling you how many calories you will burn. Cycling is one of the most popular recreational activities in the world. Scientists have shown that bicycling is the most efficient form of self-powered transportation.

The energy required to operate a bicycle is called a Watt. For example, the average person requires about 30 watts to walk at 5 mph. A cycling watt calculator measures how many watts you are outputting which gives you an idea of your effort. A vigorous workout averages about 200 watts.

Cycling Calorie Intake: Calorie Consumption of Cyclists

Although cycling is the most efficient form of human powered travel it still burns a lot of calories. If you participate in a typical spin class it is easy to burn over 1,000 calories in a single session.

Cyclists must intake enough calories before their workout to have adequate energy as well as intake enough calories immediately after their ride so the body can recover.

A typical cyclist should consume a meal of lean protein and quality carbohydrates after a meal. The calorie count should be somewhere in the range of 500-900 calories depending on the length and difficulty of the ride.

It is also important for cyclists to remain hydrated during the race. Many choose a combination of sports drinks with electrolytes and water. The drinks restore valuable units of energy that the body needs to continue working.

A cycling calorie calculator is a valuable piece of fitness equipment. Experts have proven that people who use them perform at a higher level and are more likely to stick with a weight loss routine. They also see far better weight loss results because of the strict tracking of calories consumed and burned. If you’ve never used one before ask a fitness professional or research the internet to learn how.

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